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The University of 鶹ý

Ready to Apply

If you are a domestic student see the information below.  

If you are an international student please see How to Apply: International Students.

Application Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee required when you apply. This fee must be received by the University before we can start assessing your application.

  • Domestic (Canadian)          $100
  • Continuance (domestic)      $50

The application fee can be paid online with a credit card after you submit an application, through the Application Portal.  Or applicants in Canada can pay later with a cheque or money order, payable to The University of 鶹ý, and mailed to:

The University of 鶹ý
Admissions Office
515 Portage Avenue
鶹ý, Manitoba, Canada
R3B 2E9

To find fee information for international students, please see How to Apply:  International Students.


Application Deadlines

We encourage students to apply at least 3 to 4 months before their desired Start Term. You may start in Fall (September), Winter (January) or Spring (May).

Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents and Refugees:  The suggested deadlines to apply for the Faculties of Arts, Business and Economics, Kinesiology, and Science are:

  • Fall (September)        July 2
  • Winter (January)        November 1
  • Spring (May)             March 1

NOTE: March 1 is the deadline for some Applied/Joint Programs, as well as all high school applicants studying Canadian curriculum abroad (both international and Canadian students).

Faculty of Education Deadlines:

High School and Mature applicants – March 1 (recommended). The final deadline is June 1 (subject to space availability).

For these other types of Education applicants, please click on the link to find the deadline, as well as information on how to apply, required documents, and selection process:

For more information, please visit the Faculty of Education website. 

To find deadlines for international students, go to How to Apply:  International Students.


ALL APPLICANTS:  Late applications may be accepted, but we cannot guarantee that your file will be processed by the start of classes for the Term you want. Don't worry if you miss a deadline though, because if you don't start classes in Fall (September), you can start in Winter (January) or Spring (May). Official Letters of Acceptance and Offers of Admission are issued for 2 start terms.

Supporting Documents

DOMESTIC applicants

Transcripts:  We accept only official transcripts issued by the high school, university or college you attended.   You need to request your transcript(s) from the institution(s) and then mail them in yourself, or ask the institution to mail them directly to our Admissions Office.  See addresses below. We do not accept photocopies.

Current Manitoba high school students:  IF you apply before June 1, we will request the final grades from your high school on your behalf.  You do not have to make a request to your school. 

Other documents:  Name change documents, proof of citizenship, landing card, and diplomas can be scanned and uploaded to the Application Portal, or submitted via mail (see address below).


For information on supporting documents for international students, please see How to Apply:  International Students.


ADMISSIONS OFFICE location/addresses: 

Drop-off location 
Admissions Reception
2nd floor, Rice Centre (enter via 489 Portage and come up the stairs in the lobby)
Open M-F, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Mailing address  
The University of 鶹ý
515 Portage Avenue
鶹ý, MB, Canada R3B 2E9
Attention:  Admissions Office

Domestic Admissions (Canadian, Permanent Resident & Refugee) admissions@uwinnipeg.ca


Things To Know Before Applying

Have you read through all the information and are now ready to apply? Great! The online application is very easy to follow and will not take you long to complete. 

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • you meet admission requirements
  • you have all of the required high school pre-requisite courses for the major you wish to pursue.
  • you have chosen a faculty and a major, and when you want to start: Fall (September), Winter (January), or Spring (May).

If you are a high school student in Manitoba, have this information ready:

  • your Manitoba Education and Training (MET) number.  Your high school will have this. 
  • a list of the Grade 12 courses and grades you have completed or are currently taking. You will need this to self-report your grades.

For information on the application process for international students, please see
How to Apply:  International Students.


When you are ready, click on the "Apply Now" button to begin!

Note: In all cases, students should apply for admissions using the online application. If you do not have access to the Internet or cannot access the online application for some reason, please contact us to request a paper application:

Domestic Admissions (Canadian, Permanent Resident & Refugee) admissions@uwinnipeg.ca


Video Walk-throughs

How to Apply: Creating an Account


How to Apply: Domestic High School Students


How to Apply: Faculty of Education

Already have an existing account?


Please contact us at 204.779.8946 or email:

Domestic Admissions (Canadian, Permanent Resident & Refugee) admissions@uwinnipeg.ca

International Admissions intladmissions@uwinnipeg.ca


UPDATE ON SERVICES:  Admissions and Recruitment Office staff are available for in-person, virtual and phone meetings. Please see Contact Us.