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The University of 鶹ý

Academic Calendar


An Academic Calendar is a comprehensive document that covers degree and program requirements, course descriptions, and rules and regulations.

The Undergraduate Academic Calendar covers undergraduate (bachelor's) degree programs at The University of 鶹ý.

A separate Graduate Studies Academic Calendar is published for graduate (master's) programs.  A link to this document is on the left-hand sidebar. 

Use an Academic Calendar as a catalogue to browse through courses and explore different departments.  Use it as a reference tool to check requirements, regulations, policies and academic dates.

Please note that not every course listed in the Calendar will be offered in this academic year. Courses offered in an upcoming term are listed in the Timetable and in

The 2024-25 Undergraduate Academic Calendar is posted on this website.  See left sidebar for all the sections of the Calendar. (If the sidebar is not visible, try making your browser window larger.)

Important Reminder
:  All course descriptions in all academic departments are now contained in one large "ALL COURSE DESCRIPTIONS" PDF (instead of descriptions contained within each departmental pdf). 
Tip:  To search the large PDF more easily, download and open it using Adobe Reader and you'll see bookmarks of the departments.

NOTE: The University is no longer publishing print copies of the Academic Calendar.

See the sidebar for a link to the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar

Previous Calendars [large documents]:

See our calendars from previous years page for archived calendars.

Catalog Year

The catalog year is the year of the Academic Calendar containing the requirements a student must complete to earn a degree. Because degree requirements may change over time, a student may choose to change the catalog year to utilize requirements from newer or older calendars that fit best with their academic record. Students may not select a catalog year from years prior to the year of their admission to The University of 鶹ý.  To change your catalog year, please see  Forms.